The Product Revue
Making a spectacle outa stuff

Welcome to the Product Revue, we are Kurt and Michelle and we will be your hosts today.  This site is simply a place to voice reviews, articles, and commentary on the myriad of stuff we buy and/or use.  No tricks.  No agenda.  Just two real people passing on our experiences with what we use.

Why another review site

The choices are dizzying, and the cacophony of advertising deafening.  If you’ve ever read reviews on vendor web sites, or Amazon, or most places for that matter, then if you’re like us you wonder just how many of them are stacked.  Did Epson post that bad review about that Brother printer?  Did a PR company add in those fifteen five-star reviews on those snowshoes?  Here, you won’t see reviews on everything under the sun – just the stuff we see.  But you can know that whatever is here, it’s here because a real person has seen it, used it, bought it, and is passionate about it.


Michelle & Kurt are just a couple of normal folk who live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.  Not “Cape Breton normal” – that’s something completely different.

Kurt loves to hum and haw and fuss over every purchase to make sure it’s perfect.  Michelle loves to tease Kurt about humming and hawing and fussing over everything.  Secretly, though, she appreciates it.  Shhh, don’t tell Kurt.  But together they make a great team.


Feel free to get in touch with Michelle and Kurt at any time.  If you have a suggestion for a review, or want an opinion, give us a shout.  Maybe it’s something we’ve bought and didn’t review.

If you want to send us free stuff to review, first of all ask yourself if you really want us to review something we didn’t first agonize over spending hard-won cash on.  Then make sure you contact us first before sending anything – we will only review it if we think we would use it normally.  Any review of free stuff will be marked as such.

Spammers, quiffs, and the Canada Revenue Agency are all welcome to just email us directly at: binspam@gfy.gov.ca

For everyone else, our contact information is below.  We are confident you will see through our high tech anti-spam email system and figure out what address to use.